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2019 Calendar
Belt Tests
Little Ninjas and Youth
January 26th
April 27th
July 27th
October 19th

Hapkido Teens
January 26th
April 27th
July 27th
October 19th

January 26th
April 27th
July 27th
October 19th

Black Belt
March 30th
September 28th

Little Ninjas and Youth
Jan 16th - Buddy Pizza Party
Feb 8th - Stranger Danger Seminar
Mar 16 - Glo-Chuck Seminar
Apr 12th - Ninja Pizza Party
May 22nd - School’s Out Pizza Party
Jun 7th - Summer Safety Seminar
Aug 9th - Skills for School Success
Aug 14th - School’s Back Pizza Party
Sct 11th - Bullying Prevention Sem
Oct 26 - Halloween Party
Hapkido Teens
Jan 19th - Teen Trivia
May 11th - Teen Movie Night
Sept 21st -Teen Nerf Wars
Jan 12th - Fitness Seminar
Feb 9th - Women's Self-Defense Sem
Mar 2nd - Extreme Self-Defense Sem
Mar 23rd - Dodgeball
May 4th - Internet Safety Seminar
May 18th - Women's Self-Defense Sem
Aug 10th - Women's Self-Defense Sem
Sept 14th - Travel Self-Defense Sem
Nov 2nd - Women's Self-Defense Sem
Nov 11-16th - Holiday Shopping Event
Nov 16th - Charity Event (TBD)
Mar 9th - Break-a-thon
Nov 9th - Sword Fighting Tourney
Nov 11-16th - Holiday Shopping Event
Dec 6th - Pot Luck Lunch (11am-1pm)

Summer Camps
Jun 3-7th Legos and Lasers
Jun 10-14th Awesome Camp
Jun 17-21st Swordfighting
Jun 24-28th Fearless Feats
July 8-12th Neft Ninjas
July 15h-20th Swordfighting
July 20th Catch-up Boot Camp
July 22-26th Water Warriors
July 29-2nd Martial Madness

Jun 3-7th Life Skills for Teens
Jun 10-14th Dungeons and Dragons Camp
July 29-2nd Dungeons and Dragons Camp

Parent's Night Out
Febuary 2nd
April 13th
June 8th
August 24th
October 5th
December 7th

New Year’s Day - Jan 1st
Black Belt Test - Mar 30tht
Spring Break (Juniors Only) - Apr 1-5th
Memorial Day - May 24-27th
Staff Training - July 1-6th
Labor Day - Aug 30-31st, Sept 1-2nd
Black Belt Testing - Sept 28th
Thanksgiving - Nov 27th-30th
Holidays - Dec 22-Jan 1st