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“I am the kind of person that when I did try to go to a gym, I would go for a few weeks and then get bored or frustrated at my progress and quit. I have been going to Black Knight for several years and since I started dropped about 50 pounds and seen my daily energy level raise dramatically... The instructors are all interested in helping each person improve both physically and in the art. I would, and have, highly recommend Black Knight to friends and coworkers.”


Jason Herrington

Adult Student



“My children have had the best experience at Black Knight...The instructors are energetic and passionate about teaching Hapkido to the children, and the owners really understand what is important to the parents in a youth program building respect, discipline, self-esteem and self-defense skills. We love this place and recommend it highly!”


Kathy Smith




“The instructors understand the limitations of different body types and provide unique self-defense perspectives. Particularly as a small-statured female student, I appreciate the emphasis on self-defense techniques that I could use on bigger people. The BK program has given me a self-confidence and self-awareness that I find myself using in most aspects of my life. The advantages aren't limited to just physical fitness!”


Xenia Wirth

Adult Student






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